Alexandria Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Sentencing too quickly can result in a criminal record that can hamper future chances. Most people who are run over for speeding do not expect to be treated like criminals. But something seemingly simple, such as speeding, can lead to criminal charges, especially if it is a minor infringement.

Speeding is a common traffic offence, especially for drivers who are late, distracted or do not comply with the prescribed speed limit. Many motorists assume that speeding leads to a simple traffic ticket, which they pay by post and do not dispute in court.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, however, it is not uncommon for speeding violations to result in criminal charges for reckless driving. Under Virginia’s traffic laws, any driver who travels faster than the legal speed limit of 65 km / h is considered reckless.

Not all charges of reckless driving stem from car chases or drag races, as even these types of charges can be mitigated by a qualified racegoer lawyer. However, speeding in a residential area or school zone, even at relatively low speeds, can result in a traffic offence.

Each case is unique, which means that there is little you can do on your own to be truly prepared. You can visit the Virginia DMV website for more information about these allegations and their potential impact on your personal and professional life. If you arrange a free consultation with one of our lawyers, you will conduct yourself and have the opportunity to get answers to your questions. Our lawyers have a proven track record of success and know what it takes to win your case.

Let us use our experience and knowledge on your behalf to help you achieve a positive result in your case. Our speeding lawyers in Alexandria will know what kind of obstacles to expect and will use this experience to design a strong defense strategy.

Charges of reckless driving for speeding are punishable in the Commonwealth of Virginia and are best handled by an experienced Alexandria attorney. Our lawyers will investigate the circumstances of your arrest and the alleged crime in order to present your case in the best possible light in court.

We will carefully examine each area and work out the best defence strategy for your unique situation, which means working towards a dismissal or acquittal of all charges, or perhaps negotiating a plea agreement for lesser charges. Our firm is staffed by experienced transportation attorneys who have represented clients throughout Virginia. We have the experience and skills needed to manage your defence optimally.

One of our lawyers was able to represent clients charged with speeding offences, such as speeding, reckless driving and reckless endangerment.

If you arrange a consultation with our company, they will give you a few free opportunities. Please call us to arrange your free consultation on a case with one of our lawyers. Do not hesitate to protect your right to freedom of driving.

The best way to be prepared for the process and its consequences is to have a solid understanding of the process. Firstly, it allows you to ask questions about the law you are accused of breaking, and about the charges and fines you could face. Second, Alexandria’s lawyers, who are speeding up tickets, can start developing a strong defense strategy. Please call us to arrange a free consultation with one of our attorneys in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.