Carnal knowledge of minor in Fairfax Virginia

Carnal knowledge is the sexual intercourse between male and female. This is basically the main element of rape, child molestation or consensual relation before the age of consent. This type of rape is also known as the statutory rape. The age of consent varies according to the law of the state. Usually, it lies between the age of 14 to 18. In Virginia according to law the age of consent lies between thirteen to fifteen years.

Felony according to the code of Virginia law

The person carnally knows and make a victim of a child of thirteen years but not older than fifteen years then he will be charge with Felony 4. In case of person carnally knows and victimized the child of age thirteen or below fifteen years and the accused is a miner then he will be charged with felony 6.

Charges against the carnal knowledge

The person who has been charged with the carnal knowledge cannot escape from the law. He has to bear heavy fine as well as the punishment according to Virginia law. Carnal knowledge includes all type of sex vaginal intercourse, oral sex, filiation, anilingus and anal intercourse. The person doing any kind of shameful act will be charged according to Fairfax Virginia law. The accused will be charged with following penalties.

The felony 4 punishment is the prison between 2 to 10 years with the fine up to$100,00. For the felony 6, the punishment is 1 to 5 years and the fine up to $2500. Misdemeanor is the act when both parties involved claim of consents and offender is three years junior from the alleged victim than there is no jail for such person but he will be charged with the fine of $250.

Lawyer to defend the case

It is the right of every victim to get justice. Carnal knowledge and rape cases are the shameful crimes. The person who has convicted this act must be punished and never let him free from the penalty. It is important to hire a lawyer to get justice. In Virginia and Maryland Law offices of SRIS P.C is an active agency. We hire a professional who has much experience in fighting such cases.

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