Reglamento Configuración Espacial Área Sobre Suplementos Dietéticos Base Hierbas Naturales Virginia Maryland

El Comité me ha pedido que discuta el estado de los suplementos dietéticos en los Estados Unidos, a medida que nos acercamos a un hito de 10 años para la legislación que regula estos diversos productos, la Ley de Educación y Salud de Suplementos Dietéticos de 1994. La Ley de Educación y Salud de Suplementos Dietéticos de … Read more

Area and Spatial Setup Regulation on Herbal and Natural Dietary Supplements in Virginia and Maryland

The Committee has asked me to discuss the state of dietary supplements in the United States, as we approach a 10 year landmark for legislation that regulates these various products, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, DSHEA, amended the federal Food, Drug, and … Read more

Grounds for Divorce in MD

Grounds for Divorce in Maryland. There are three main parties to your marriage. The same three main parties will also be involved in your divorce: you, your spouse, and the state. Unfortunately, you can no longer simply break up, fill up your car and drive into the sunset, as the situation is somewhat more complicated. … Read more

Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Charges and Penalties

Fraud with federal mail by fraud with federal mail. Postal fraud at the federal level in the US has been going on for over a decade. Federal mail fraud occurs when someone tries to use federal mail for some type of fraud or scam. This is true for anyone trying to grab their money online … Read more

Fairfax Divorce Lawyer

Family law is a family-centered area of law. Sometimes family law can be complex. Common practices in this area include family law, family planning, custody, guardianship and child maintenance. There are a number of different types of law firms in the United States, but there is a common law firm with a strong focus on … Read more

DWI in Virginia

Getting arrested for driving under the influence of (DUI) or driving drunk (DWI) is a serious crime in Virginia. You can be burdened with DUI if you are caught driving with a blood alcohol level (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher, and can be burdened with DWI if you appear to be drunk from alcohol … Read more

Custody Lawyers in Richmond VA

Uncontested divorces are common in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It refers to a divorce in which the person is the sole arbiter of matters relating to their relationship with their ex – the spouse or spouse of the spouse. A contested divorce is usually filed when a couple cannot agree on issues such as joint … Read more

Caroline Reckless Driving Lawyer

Most people who have been charged with ruthless driving assume that it will be dropped for a simple fine. Very few expect the encounter to require a lawyer to represent them in court. Given Virginia’s strict laws, a traffic violation like Speeding, but which may include a reckless driving quote that appears easy in other … Read more