Mangomery Maryland Rape Defense Lawyer

Rape is considered the biggest crime in Mangomery Maryland. These types of cases are too much difficult for the prosecutors because there are conflicting accounts of what has been occurred.   There is one of the most important things is there which is necessary to remember that it is a burden on the prosecutor to prove with some reasonable doubts that all rape crime elements occurred. On the other hand, we can say that the prosecutor must need to prove that there is not only a sexual intercourse occurred without consent but also proving that threats and fore were involved in this crime. You do not need to prove that you did not violate the laws and when you can save yourself from the punishment just by raising some doubts about what happened. Contact a rape defense lawyer in Maryland who will provide you proper defense because it is not possible to fight against this charge alone. A professional lawyer will help you a lot to get rid of this charge.

Laws Of Rape In Maryland:

There are two different types of rape offenses in Mangomery Maryland that are as follow.

  • 1st Degree Rape
  • 2nd Degree Rape

Rape is defined as a violate crime and there are different harsh penalties according to the criminal justice system which they reserved for the defended who found guilty of the rape crime. If you have been charged with this crime then there is a legal option for you that you should try to avoid and save yourself by trying to reducing the penalties. A professional rape defense lawyer will fight on behalf of you to provide defense. Under the Maryland code section number 3-304, the rape is defined in the 2nd degree including the vaginal sexual intercourse under the following situations.

  • The age of a victim is 14 years old and the offender will 4 or more years older than the victim.
  • Give threats or force anybody to engage their selves in sexual intercourse without their consent
  • The offender will know that if the victim is mentally incapacitated, defective or physically helpless and trying to intercourse with them in this situation

Rape as a first-degree crime is defined in Maryland under the Code Section number 3-303. In this degree of rape crimes, non-consensual vaginal intercourse is included by treats or by force if.

  • The victim is strangled, suffocated or suffering from any type of serious injury when the criminal is being committed a rape.
  • Using any dangerous weapon or any type of physical object that will create a fear into the heart of victim
  • Rape is committed by someone else abetting and aiding
  • The offender threatens the victim or place them in a great fear of kidnapping, suffocation, imminent strangulation, physical injury or disfiguration
  • Rape is committed in the connection of in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree of the burglary

You will also face a charge if you try to commit the 1st or 2nd degree and you will face harsher penalties. The rape lawyer in Maryland will help you to protect yourself from these charges.