Norfolk Speeding Ticket Cases

In Virginia, people drive too fast when someone is over the posted speed limit. Speed violations in current weather conditions include driving too fast and ignoring traffic regulations such as stop signs or traffic lights.

However, if you are charged, you have the right to challenge your ticket with the help of a speeding lawyer in Norfolk. Read on below for more on speeding offences you should know and plan for, or see a solicitor.

There are two basic types of speeding offences in Norfolk. There is a traffic violation and a criminal complaint. The difference is that a traffic violation is punishable only by a fine and affects someone’s ability to drive, but the criminal charges, which can be punishable by fines and / or prison sentences, will also affect you and affect your criminal record (forever). Criminal convictions are much more serious than traffic violations and can affect not only your driving record, but also your credit card, driving license, insurance, car insurance and much more.

First of all, you should consider whether the display is merely a traffic violation or a speeding violation. We often get customers who come to us thinking they have behaved like a speeding offender when they are actually charged with reckless driving. You can check the charges by looking up the case online, checking the ticket and finding out if it is a misdemeanor or a misdemeanor.

In Norfolk, one would expect judges to be able to be really flexible when speeding. When you do things to proactively show that you are trying to make amends for what has been accused, it is very common for judges to reduce the charges, even if someone is charged as guilty.

Technically, it is an offence to drive more than a mile per hour over the posted speed limit. It is not often that you run him over, but it has happened.

In general, however, it is silly for officials to run over anyone who is only driving five miles per hour over the speed limit. There are bigger fish to fry than policemen.

People do not realize that it is perfectly possible for speeding to become a criminal offence, depending on how fast someone is travelling. What used to be considered a misdemeanor for reckless driving, such as speeding, reckless endangerment or speeding, can now become a misdemeanor if there is a change in the law, for example in federal or state court.