Possession of A Firearm By A Felon in Virginia

When you are in Virginia there are certain things which you should not possess. For example, possessing certain drugs is a felony. So, if you have those drugs the state will charge you with a felony. Possession of prohibited items is a crime in any case. If you live in VA, you should know all the laws. You should know the rules and regulations of the state. You should know what you can have in your possession. You should know what items are prohibited by the state. If the state finds you in possession of a prohibited item, the state will convict you with a felony. it is why you should know the laws in Virginia

Possession in Virginia

Possession of illegal items is a crime. There are also situations when you cannot possess the items if you are a Felon. A felon is a person who is already serving a sentence or a punishment for a felony. For example, possession of a firearm is not a crime. Anyone with a license can have a firearm in Virginia. But possession of a firearm by a felon is a crime. It is a separate felony in Virginia. If the state convicts you with a felony, then there is no way you can keep a firearm. The law also prohibits possession of ammunition, explosives, stun weapons for a Felon. Many people do not know if they can possess a firearm in such a situation. Make sure that you know what kinds of firearms you can have.

A firearm is an instrument which you can use to fire at anyone. Even if it is not operable, it is still a firearm. You cannot get away with a firearm which is not operable. It will not be an excuse in court. So, make sure that if you are already facing felony charges, there are no firearms in your possession.


If you possess a firearm while being a Felon, the state will charge you with a class 6 felony. You can go to jail for a period of one to five years. You can also go to jail for 12 months and have to pay a fine of $2500. If it is your second offense, you will go to jail for a mandatory two years. For example, if the state charges you with possession of a firearm and in the next ten years you commit the same crime again, you will go to jail for two years and a maximum of five years. These are the penalties for possessing firearms. Again, you should understand that even the firearm is not working; you will still face the charges.

There are a few exceptions such as a felon can possess a stun weapon in his home for protection. The armed forces or national guards can also have firearms that perform their duties. If you face penalties for possession of a firearm as a Felon, you should hire a lawyer.