What is class 2 felony Virginia

In order to understand about what is class 2 felony Virginia, it is important for an individual to know about felony, its different types, how it is charged, and how it is different from misdemeanor. Felony charges are the most serious crimes under the law of Virginia. The most serious felony offenses result in the sentence of death penalty or life imprisonment. While on the other hand, misdemeanor is also a criminal offense but less serious than felony. Misdemeanor is classified in four categories while felony is divided into six categories ranging from the most serious charges to the least serious. These classifications provide ease to the individuals who have questions in their mind as what is class 2 felony Virginia and what are the fines associated with this class.

Class 2 felony:

The intentional crimes like arson, kidnapping, aggravated malicious wounding which causes permanent and physical impairment to another person are involved in class 2 felony. Furthermore, murder in some situations and burglary while using a deadly weapon can also be charged with class 2 felony. An individual can be charged with a minimum sentence of 20 years in prison or even lifetime imprisonment and a fine of up to $100,000. Many people ask what is class 2 felony Virginia when they are convicted with any of the charges that are included in class 2 felony. This classification can help them to identify class 2 felony.

Consequences of class 2 felony:

Class 2 felony is charged with serious crimes, thus can bring harsh penalties for the accused. The conviction of class 2 felony can make the offender loose some of their basic rights which include right to carry a firearm, right to vote, right to qualify for certain loans, etc. The charges of class 2 felony can also prevent the accused from gaining the licenses that are issued by the state agencies. These charges can also restrict the accused from moving somewhere around the world without taking permission from government authorities. Some of the individuals still want to know what is class 2 felony Virginia and whether it is important to hire a lawyer or not. As the outcomes of class 2 felony are serious, they should immediately hire a defense attorney who can legally assist them for the case.

Defense lawyer in Virginia:

Several legal organizations in Virginia recruit experienced and specialized defense lawyers. These lawyers bear the best skills that should be present in a perfect lawyer. They are client-centric as they strive with good communication skills. They provide the best comfort level for the client that helps them to speak. They help to explore the defense process and plea bargain option against the class 2 felony charges. They discuss each pros and cons that are associated with the case. If a person is arrested or even charged with class 2 felony than hiring a defense lawyer can be the best possible option that they can have. By consulting with these lawyers, an individual can avoid the future severe consequences. They provide the knowledge about laws and regulations to individuals who find it difficult to understand that what is class 2 felony Virginia and what are their charges.